controlling media players with your cellphone via bluetooth

this sounds not to be superficial, but under linux, it’s quite easy to archieve. there are several projects which make you control a broader or more narrow set of functions from anywhere around your linux machine with your cellphone. for all of these helpfull packets of software, you only need a bluetooth-enabled cellphone and a bluetooth-device in your computer, that is supported by linux drivers (shouldn’t be too hard to find). you can get an overview of programms for connecting your mobile via bluetooth to your computer over at

after reading this helpful article on the subject, i tried different solutions (i.e. bluepad) and got stuck to remuco. It is a small tool to interact with all mainstream mediaplayers for linux. the list of already supported players is quite impressive:

  • Amarok
  • Audacious
  • Banshee
  • Exaile
  • MPD
  • MPlayer
  • Rythmbox
  • Songbird
  • Totem
  • TVTime
  • VLC
  • XMMS

for users of ubuntu 9.10 (karmic koala), the best about it, is that you can install it directly from the universe repos (except for Exaile, MPlayer and Songbird). while i’m very happy with audacious for some time now (it’s small, looks nice and for some reason, i think that all media libraries are inferior to just keeping media in a well-considered folder structure), all i had to was just typing

sudo apt-get install remuco-audacious

(substite with your favorite supported player so that it looks like remuco-yourfavplayer) and copying the java mobile client


located in


to my mobile (which is a nokia 6151, but almost every newer device which supports JavaME and bluetooth should do, check the clientside requirements for remuco). afterwards i established the bluetooth connection, fired up remuco-audacious via ALT+F2, audacious itself and the remuco client on my cellphone and… WOW! it just works. now you can see what is playing on your mobile, skip tracks, alter the loudness and even edit the playlist by adding files from somewhere on your harddrive

i really like this thing and for everyone, who always plays music with his pc, sometimes gets cozy on the couch and doesn’t want to afford a seperate remote control, this is really a nice solution. i wonder what else you might use bluetooth-apps on cellphones for. i think this shouts out to be used as an interactive multi-user control for arduino projects…?!


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