Audio Programming

I didn’t use this blog a lot lately, but I really want to keep it alive. At the moment I’m trying to get my hands on Audio Programming in C, the (quite far away) goal is to do some audio manipulation with embedded devices (maybe with Arduino, maybe something more powerful).
My starting point is the newly released “The Audio Programming Book” by Richard Boulanger and Victor Lazzarini. Since I worked through maybe half of the book, I’m still not really advanced, but I will keep track of my process by posting some code here.
The book is wonderful and really a complete compendium on audio programming knowledge (coding style, data structures, mathematical foundations, …) while still aimed more towards the programming musician than the music-playing programmer. That said, since it’s the first edition, there are still some errata. If you find some, you may post them to the errata thread at the group dedicated to the book over at noisepages. I will also try to cover some of the problems here.


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